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We kill head lice and their eggs with a safe, non-toxic process, in about an hour, guaranteed.

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Hygenic treatment, using sanitized equipment

Unlike over-the-counter pharmacy products, we do not use harsh chemicals to treat. The chemicals those products use may be harmful to your child and even the pediatricians agree, the chemicals are only about 40% effective. Traditional “nitpickers” must manually remove 100% of the eggs and bugs, a lengthy process, and if something is missed, the infestation comes back. Some nitpickers will only treat you at your home. We do not. Our clinic is a controlled, sanitized, safe place to “leave the lice behind”

Our Commitment

  • Provide a safe and family friendly clinic environment

  • Treat all of our clients with respect, compassion and care

  • Execute our services thoroughly and confidentially

  • Carefully complete our head inspections and diagnose with integrity and honesty

  • Never treat someone who passes our head checks with a negative result


Lice Myths

There are a lot of misconceptions about lice and how to treat them effectively

Lice crawl. Period. They move from one head to another by grabbing onto a passing hair with one of their six claws. In order for that to happen, two heads have to be close enough for hair to touch. So if you don't touch heads with an infested person, the chances of you getting lice are extremely low.

Just half of head-lice infestations happen to school-age kids. The other half happens to parents (usually the moms) and older siblings. Teenagers and college students who spend a lot of time putting their heads together for selfies and other activities are also not immune.

They don't. There are three types of lice that feed off humans, and only the body louse can transmit disease.

Research shows that most head lice, which need to feed on human blood every three to four hours, die within 15-24 hours off their host. If a louse accidentally comes off a head, it is highly unlikely that it will be able to make it back onto a head before dehydrating and dying.

There are lots of pesticides around the world that can kill lice. Unfortunately, most aren't widely available in the U.S. or approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Seventy-two percent of OTC lice products sold in the United States contain either permethrin or pyrethrum. These pesticides used to be extremely effective at killing lice. But after decades of overuse, they now are effective less than 45 percent of the time, and that is after multiple treatments.


We make sure our customers are happy!

For being such an unpleasant issue to deal with, we had such a pleasant experience with this business. The owners are kind and really treated my whole family with professionalism. They took their time and were very thorough. I have two very young daughters and they worked so well with them and were so nice about my kiddos being busy bees in their clinic. They also were flexible with our schedule and came in early to see my husband the next day. We really can't say a negative about our experience. We would confidently recommend this place to anyone. I especially loved all the knowledge I learned about this topic and how to be proactive. They are great and clearly know what they are doing. Keep up the great work!

Janean G

When my oldest contracted lice from school and spread it to her siblings, lice clinic made a stressful time much easier and handled the problem. Great people! Thanks so much!

Ryan V

Great people! Awesome service! We picked up lice at a sleepover! They were efficient quick and made my daughter feel at ease. And gave this momma peace of mind! I highly recommend!

Sarah W

I would never do a lice treatment at home again! Worth the money! Highly recommend! They get you in ASAP! Joyce is so sweet and great!!! I’m glad this place was invented because it made my life so much easier and less stressful!

Erica P

Great technicians and service. We have spent hundreds of dollars in at home treatments that failed. This is so easy and way less stressful than all the work you do ar home. Truly appreciate this business!

Diane G

My 4 year old ended up getting lice, I tried my hardest to get all the nits out of her hair myself but it wasn’t working. Came across lice clinic of America online, made an appt and was very pleased. Very kind and understanding staff. My daughter sat very well through the whole process. Worth every penny.

Madison C

I'm so thankful to have found a place like this!!! Staff was amazing and very informative. I highly recommend going here for treatment. My 7 year old was treated and it was a success! Thank you for your kindness and help!!

Katie L

Knowledgeable, kind, accommodating! If ever you have to experience this unpleasantry, this is the place to go! Thank you for treating my family with care and compassion!

Brandy W

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The safest and most effective method of eradicating head lice

Use of the FloSonix device in conjunction with FloSonix Lice Treatment Solution is the safest and most effective method of eradicating head lice. Lice have developed resistance to the chemicals in toxic over-the-counter and prescription products. Our Lice Treatment Solution kills adult bugs and the FloSonix device dehydrates the eggs.