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Home care after Full Service Treatment

We here at Lice Clinics - Northwest Indiana thank you for your business and hope that your experience with us was professional and pleasant. We gladly welcome reviews of our clinic on Google and Facebook.

Chances are, if you have had one of our technicians give you treatment at our clinic, you have the oil rinse still in your hair when you get home. You can use a mixture of your hair shampoo and a little bit of dishwashing soap to completely wash out the oil. Use caution as the dishwashing soap can be very slippery.

Be sure to launder clothing, hats, or coats that were worn to our clinic when you get home.

Launder all your sheets, pillows, pillowcases, and stuffed animals in hot water and a hot dryer. If they are not soiled, 30 minutes in a hot dryer will be sufficient.

Vacuum any couches or chairs that have a fabric covering.

Your pets cannot get, or transmit human head lice.

Lice cannot fly or jump and die after 24 hours off the human head.

Combs, brushes, hair ties, hats should be put in a zip lock bag and put in your freezer overnight.

It is completely normal to see a few nits (eggs) left over after a treatment, but they are dead, not viable, and will eventually wash out of your hair.

Discourage your child from sharing hats, combs, and brushes with friends or classmates. “Selfies” (or any other form of touching head to head) should also be avoided. Mint oil (such as the repellents we sell) is undesirable to lice and can be used as a deterrent in avoiding future outbreaks.

If you have had the full-service treatment by one of our technicians we recommend that you remain diligent in doing periodic checks at home to ensure no re-infestation has occurred.

While our failure rate is only 0.05%, it is not impossible that something was missed, even if you received our 30-day guarantee. To do your own screening at home, you have to use a professional lice comb. You section the hair and run the comb from the root/scalp to the end, pulling the comb completely off the ends of the hair. Lice are extremely hard to detect and can be easily missed. Live lice hide from the light. Most people look for white or clear specks which are in fact are empty dead casings (eggshells). Using a professional lice comb eliminates the possibility of missing an egg visually. If you find live bugs, call us.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding aftercare, please call the clinic at 219-779-2289.

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