Treatment Options

In-clinic professional lice treatment services

Full Service

Diagnose, Eliminate Bugs & Eggs, Comb Out, Active Rinse application.

Kick Start

Diagnose, Eliminate Bugs & Eggs, Active Rinse application. We include supplies for you to do the Comb Out (remove the dead bugs and eggs) at home.

Comb Out

Recommended for those under 4 years of age. Diagnose, Comb Out, Active Rinse application. We include supplies for you to repeat (after 10 days) the Comb Out at home.

Head Checks

Professional detection / diagnoses. We can even show you what we find under a microscope, and offer our recommended solution.

Tight Budget

We sell a variety of professional-grade, all-natural products, and with our expert instruction, you can treat at home if you are willing to put in some time and effort.

Our Process

Simple, Safe, Effective

Our all-natural, full-service process involves using a machine (FloSonix) that gently applies an exact temperature of heated air using a proprietary method that kills 99.5% of the eggs and bugs. Then we do a professional comb-out to remove the dead bugs and eggs. The final step is to apply our final rinse with Dimethicone oil to insure 100% of the bugs and dead.


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